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2016...A Year for Health!

  1. Be happy!

  2. Eating more fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains is an old story but with a new happy ending. You will lose weight, be healthier, sleep better, move better, digest better, have better breath, have more clothes choices, and…. live a life toward disease prevention.

  3. Eat breakfast. Eat lunch. Eat supper. Eat 3 meals per day. Try to plan meals yourself and not eat out so much. If you can avoid or reduce eating starch at supper time this will reduce your total plate calories.

HINT: For added weight loss avoid starch at supper time. Load up on the vegetables instead!

  1. Each meal should be between 400 to 500 calories. Breakfast can be smaller at 300 calories

  2. Eat 2 to 3 snacks per day. Snacks should be no more than 150 calories.

  3. Eating every 3 – 4 hours is key to not getting over hungry; Make sure to have a good afternoon snack! 5 grams protein 1.5 – 2 hours before supper.

  4. If you can avoid the night time/bed time snack, that would be great!

  5. Keep a journal to count calories & nutrients. Go to It is fun and easy!

  6. It is important to have protein at each meal; even breakfast where you should strive for at least 15g of protein.

  7. Eat your calories don’t drink your calories. Drink less special coffees/teas, fewer smoothies (except as meal replacements), juice, alcohol, sugared beverages, sugared milk, etc.

  8. Exercise for 150 minutes per week; try walking, skating, biking, mall walking, etc… just move more!

  9. Water is the best source of hydration. Drink up!

  10. Journaling brings success. Write it down before you eat it!


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