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2016 - A SMART Resolution

Many people choose the New year to set new goals in their life and choose a resolution. Sadly, most people give up on their good intentions rather quickly.

Hopefully this SMART Guide we help you successfully achieve your goals.

SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely.

First of all you should write down all goals you would like to focus on for your New Years resolution. Secondly, take some time to think about all of them and decide which ones are most important to you. Keep narrowing them down from 10, to 5 until you have decided on one particular resolution.

SPECIFIC: Once you found that resolution, try to define it as precisely as possible. You should write down all the reasons why this particular one is most important to you.

MEASURABLE: Add a number to your goal. It can be weight loss, running distance, number of books you’d like to read, time spent away from electronics etc… (Aim for an achievable number! Start small)

ATTAINABLE: This is the planning time. Make a plan with subdivision of your primary objectives. Use some tricks to help you stay on the right path (see below)

REALISTIC: You must be realistic with your resolution, it’s a lot more pleasant to exceed an achievable goal than to be discouraged by unrealistic objectives.

TIMELY: Create a timeline of your daily goals. This will help you target small daily goals instead of overwhelming big goals.

Tips to keep up with your resolutions: – Give yourself a memo: Paper or phone notifications are helpful. Stick post-its around your home or set notification alarms as a reminder.

– Write down your top 5 reasons for choosing that particular resolution and hang it up at home. This will remind you of why you need to stay focused.

– Tell your family and friends and spread your goal on social media. This will pressure you to stick to it and will also make the objective more realistic.

– Reward yourself when you achieve small goals.

Don’t give up if it gets tough. Everyone has their bad days. Getting up again is what makes people successful.

Happy New Year!


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